LTC believes that understanding other cultures and languages is a vital skill that enables corporations and individuals to take part in the worldwide community. We also understand the pain and financial costs associated with failed relocation assignments. Our team works with your relocating employee and family to prepare them both linguistically and culturally for their new lives abroad.


Relocating to a new country can bring a lot of surprises and anxiety. Supplement these surprises with the inability to communicate, and the result can be turmoil.  That is where LTC can help.  LTC provides language classes that focus on work and daily life environments for both the employee and their family. LTC utilizes our own inquiry-based methodology coupled with a communicative learning environment to facilitate the quickest learning possible for each person, including programs specifically tailored for spouses and children. These programs can be completed through a variety of innovative methods, such as virtual, blended learning, and self-guided options.

LTC has facilitated thousands of successful international relocations through our language training programs, helping students bridge the language gap as they make their move.


While language barriers can cause plenty of headaches and confusion in their own rite, language skills alone are not enough for a smooth and successful transition.  LTC’s cross-cultural training provides key insights into cultural differences so that relocating families are adequately prepared to interact in their new environment. Our programs provide proven and meaningful cultural competence to ensure that the success and happiness a family is experiencing in the new country is not tarnished by cultural misunderstandings.  Each training session is based on the needs and interests of the student or family.

We have been helping families assimilate for the past 20 years and we look forward to helping your clients continue to tackle this transition.


LTC provides top quality translation and interpreting services for any situation that might arise during a relocation, such as international document preparation, school enrollment, or orientation. LTC is available in any desired setting and for any emerging need, being available to assist as we know that these are the little things that can hinder the transition.

Let us help your assignees confront these needs with simple solutions and fast results. No matter the length of the assignment, LTC can partner with you to make the transition a success!

Let us help your assignees confront these needs with simple solutions and fast results. LTC is here to support each and every family through language solutions.