LTC Language Solutions is about providing premiere language services to a diverse range of clients since 1993. We believe that bridging linguistic and cultural barriers transforms the lives of our clients by creating meaningful connections to their families, workplaces and communities.




In his years of academic work, CEO Martin George was repeatedly approached by local multi-national corporations in need of effective language training for their executives from around the world. In response, his passion for language and teaching led him to launch the Language Training Center. As the list of clients grew, the company looked for new opportunities to utilize their understanding of language and culture in the newly globalizing Midwest. With a solid reputation established as a language school, the team branched out into interpreting, translation and cultural competency training while rebranding themselves as LTC Language Solutions. Through expansion into new markets and the development of an ever-growing team, LTC has established itself as a leader in the language services industry through a continual focus on quality customer service, ethical business practices and community engagement.

OUR Values

Available. LTC distinguishes itself by remaining accessible to clients, subcontractors and vendors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reliable. Our clients depend on us to meet their language and cultural needs, so we never make a promise we do not intend to keep.

Knowledgeable. LTC utilizes the top professionals in our field so that we can best understand our client’s needs and craft dynamic solutions to meet them.

Flexible. To provide the highest level of quality in the industry, we know all about how vital it is to remain flexible to ever-evolving circumstances, environments and needs.

Fun. LTC believes that balancing fun with focus in the workplace produces engaged employees who are better equipped to provide a superior level of service.


Here at LTC, we believe that our company is successful not only by making profits but by also giving back to the community. As a company, LTC is partnering with several organizations through financial partnerships and volunteer work. Through all of our employees, we are able to help over 50 organizations through volunteer work alone.


Want to be a part of a bigger purpose? Join LTC and help connect people to the worldwide conversation!