With over 25 years of experience, LTC has worked with businesses and organizations of all kinds to bridge the communications gap. Here are some real stories from LTC’s clients.

I met Tina, who is studying Sports Management, for a brief ‘lesson’ she wanted today. We’ve been studying together for 18 months (109.5 hours).

We’ve attended career fairs and professional seminars, visited stadiums and tech headquarters, and we pushed each other to have intentional conversations with several staff of teams in the Bay Area. We crafted different ways to introduce each other so we could network better and promote our brands.

I had business cards and she made her own for her major. We met in multiple cities for our English classes. We debriefed on the train ride home to check for new vocabulary or topics that came up during conversations that amazed us.

We created her LinkedIn account and got connected to our ‘friends’ from university sports departments, sports teams, media production, brand sponsors, sustainability projects, tech corporations, event staffing, sports equipment and apparel, etc. We made phone calls and wrote emails about internship advice and our newly built network would share her resume or sent job leads to her. We applied for her work visa with US Immigration and wrote multiple versions of her cover letter and resume.

Tina received her work permit in the summer before her vacation and we created a strategy for an internship this fall. It was quite a stress as 1. her daughter was preparing for the move back to Germany to go to university, and 2. Tina was wondering how she could have an internship on the opposite side of the Bay Area from her son’s school and home.

When she got back from family vacation, Tina and her daughter found out she got an internship! It had nothing to do with all of the efforts above, just a circumstantial conversation. She says, ‘the opportunity fell at my feet and all I had to do was pick it up!’  We revised her cover letter and resume for her final interview and then we stopped meeting since she would be working.

Today she asked me to come to her work for an hour lesson so that she could practice her English with me as her first official client by herself! Her training ended yesterday and she is a certified VASPER trainer.

Her youngest son’s school is very near to her work so it has been a smooth transition for her family! Honestly, with all of our research, networking, travel and efforts across multiple cities and industries, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit for her. VASPER is used by pro-athletes, elderly, injured, and muscularly challenged individuals.

I thought I’d share because it is really cool to see her succeed after 1.5 years of uncertainty about whether she could complete her degree from Germany. Her English explanation of the scientific process during my training was excellent! She studied really hard on her own and she’s doing great.

– A. L.

I am Chinese and I lived in Belgium for two years. During this period, I took French lessons provided by LTC. That helped me not only in oral but also in grammar and culture, history and politics, which is very important to me considering the many differences between Chinese and European cultures and civilizations. I felt like I was very lucky and my life became much easier here. It was the first time that I was living in a foreign country and moreover English is not the first language in Belgium.

At the beginning, when I did not know French at all, I suffered a lot. The first day after I moved here, I went to the supermarket to buy some daily, life cleaning supplies, but I couldn’t understand French so I took the body wash for kids as shampoo. My daughter was going to a local public school and the teachers there didn’t speak English very well. It took me 2 months to figure out that Wednesday is a half day in school. My little daughter was crying every time I left her at the front gate of the kindergarten. It was not easy for her as well while she did not understand the language.

Meanwhile I have made big progress through learning from her, so now I can communicate with the concierge when small issues happen in our house. I go to the Sunday market and I can order and ask questions about the products. LTC made my foreign life much more comfortable and healed my homesickness. Now I can read simple novels. Until now, I have already read “Little Prince”, “Candide”, “L’étranger” and I am going to read “Les Misérables”. Reading in French makes me feel the beauty of the language and I really catch the meaning, compared to reading a translation. Now I am going to move to a new country, but I will continue to learn French. Thank you LTC for everything!

– C. Cui


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