With over 25 years of experience, LTC has worked with businesses and organizations of all kinds to bridge the communications gap. Here are some real stories from LTC’s clients.

I met Tina, who is studying Sports Management, for a brief ‘lesson’ she wanted today. We’ve been studying together for 18 months (109.5 hours).

We’ve attended career fairs and professional seminars, visited stadiums and tech headquarters, and we pushed each other to have intentional conversations with several staff of teams in the Bay Area. We crafted different ways to introduce each other so we could network better and promote our brands.

I had business cards and she made her own for her major. We met in multiple cities for our English classes. We debriefed on the train ride home to check for new vocabulary or topics that came up during conversations that amazed us.

We created her LinkedIn account and got connected to our ‘friends’ from university sports departments, sports teams, media production, brand sponsors, sustainability projects, tech corporations, event staffing, sports equipment and apparel, etc. We made phone calls and wrote emails about internship advice and our newly built network would share her resume or sent job leads to her. We applied for her work visa with US Immigration and wrote multiple versions of her cover letter and resume.

Tina received her work permit in the summer before her vacation and we created a strategy for an internship this fall. It was quite a stress as 1. her daughter was preparing for the move back to Germany to go to university, and 2. Tina was wondering how she could have an internship on the opposite side of the Bay Area from her son’s school and home.

When she got back from family vacation, Tina and her daughter found out she got an internship! It had nothing to do with all of the efforts above, just a circumstantial conversation. She says, ‘the opportunity fell at my feet and all I had to do was pick it up!’  We revised her cover letter and resume for her final interview and then we stopped meeting since she would be working.

Today she asked me to come to her work for an hour lesson so that she could practice her English with me as her first official client by herself! Her training ended yesterday and she is a certified VASPER trainer.

Her youngest son’s school is very near to her work so it has been a smooth transition for her family! Honestly, with all of our research, networking, travel and efforts across multiple cities and industries, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better fit for her. VASPER is used by pro-athletes, elderly, injured, and muscularly challenged individuals.

I thought I’d share because it is really cool to see her succeed after 1.5 years of uncertainty about whether she could complete her degree from Germany. Her English explanation of the scientific process during my training was excellent! She studied really hard on her own and she’s doing great.

– A. L.

I am Chinese and I lived in Belgium for two years. During this period, I took French lessons provided by LTC. That helped me not only in oral but also in grammar and culture, history and politics, which is very important to me considering the many differences between Chinese and European cultures and civilizations. I felt like I was very lucky and my life became much easier here. It was the first time that I was living in a foreign country and moreover English is not the first language in Belgium.

At the beginning, when I did not know French at all, I suffered a lot. The first day after I moved here, I went to the supermarket to buy some daily, life cleaning supplies, but I couldn’t understand French so I took the body wash for kids as shampoo. My daughter was going to a local public school and the teachers there didn’t speak English very well. It took me 2 months to figure out that Wednesday is a half day in school. My little daughter was crying every time I left her at the front gate of the kindergarten. It was not easy for her as well while she did not understand the language.

Meanwhile I have made big progress through learning from her, so now I can communicate with the concierge when small issues happen in our house. I go to the Sunday market and I can order and ask questions about the products. LTC made my foreign life much more comfortable and healed my homesickness. Now I can read simple novels. Until now, I have already read “Little Prince”, “Candide”, “L’étranger” and I am going to read “Les Misérables”. Reading in French makes me feel the beauty of the language and I really catch the meaning, compared to reading a translation. Now I am going to move to a new country, but I will continue to learn French. Thank you LTC for everything!

– C. Cui

Our ENL (English and a New Language) team refers to her as a superhero and it’s no joke—she is truly amazing! Kitty does so much more than just interpret our conferences. She is someone who understands how school works and who can give us important cultural context, which is incredibly valuable.

Director of Student Services

The Classes Have Been Great. My Knowledge Has Increased Tenfold, Thanks To My Classes And Personalized Curriculum. The One-On-One Nature Of The Classes Ensures That Learning Is Catered To You.

K. Singh

It was the 3rd class with Kathy today. She is the best English trainer I’ve ever met. Her lessons really work good. So far I have nothing I need to ask you.

Nissan student from Japan.

I appreciate you, Anya and Lauren for leading the training. It was very beneficial and I got to immediately use some of the material in my class.

Language Training Workshop Teacher

I Wanted To Take The Time To Thank You For Your Amazing Services, Both Tom And Hayley Were Tremendous Help Onsite And Even Prepping For It. Looking Forward To Doing Business With You Guys In The Future.

D. Henriquez

Thanks Wendy for all your help! You are a terrific manager. What a difference between my GLobal LT experience and working with you!!


Overall, I Thought The Course Was Fantastic. I Feel Like I Learned A Lot And Improved Significantly. Astrid Is A Great Professor. She Took The Class Seriously And Made It Enjoyable. She Did A Great Job Of Recognizing Everyone’s Weaknesses And Helping Us Improve On Them. She Focused On Improving Our Grammar While Also Keeping The Class Conversational. The Lessons Were Well Prepared And Focused On Areas We Needed To Learn, Not Just By-The-Book. It Felt Like The Class Was Tailored To The Student’s Abilities. I Am More Than Satisfied.

K. Corrigan

Thank you so much for your interpretation service – it has been a blessing to work with you and has been so helpful in a meaningful way!

Current ASL Client

I really LOVE my Portuguese classes and Juliana is TERRIFIC… I never had a teacher as great as Juliana, she is amazing and it is teaching me not only to talk in Portuguese but also about the Brazilian culture that is helping me a lot to understand the way they communicate…

Student in Mexico

This Year Went Very Well. The Interpreters Were There On Time Every Day And Very Helpful To Catherine. I Did Not Have To Think Twice About Their Service. Thank You.

C. Carol

Several months of training with Judith passed very quickly. It was interesting, the atmosphere was great, I will miss our lessons!

Project Management Employee

I Enjoyed Studying With LTC. I Am Grateful For The Great Work With Ana And Her Professionalism To Customize Themes And Her Support In My Daily Life. I Feel More Comfortable With My Language.

D. Triviño

I Would Recommend Ltc To Other Global Companies Requiring Interpretation Services. During Our Event, The Performance Of Ltc Made Me Feel At Ease Which Allowed Me To Focus My Attention On Other Aspects Of The Event. I Believe That When You Work With Ltc, You Will Receive A Professional And Efficient Team Of People Who Will Do Everything In Their Power To Deliver Excellent Service.

D. Hayden

My Classes With Connie Have Been Excellent. I Would Even Go So Far As To Say That They Have Exceeded My Expectations.

M. Bush

I Appreciate Your Qualified Language Training Program Very Much. You Made It Possible To Improve My Knowledge In The English Language In A Lot Of Ways: A Significant Increase Of Vocabulary, Repetition And Consolidation Of Grammar And Practice The English Language By Using It In Conversations During Every Lesson. I Am Very Thankful For All They´ve Done And I´ll Always Recommend Your Institution In The Future.

C. Muth

Thank you. I appreciate what you do to help our Company succeed with better communication for our fellow employees.

Director of Human Resources – Staffing Company

Joseph was an excellent instructor. He was very dedicated to teaching me the language skills I needed for my upcoming assignment.

Student from Government Program

Juliana is even more than an amazing Portuguese teacher but also a cultural expert and a very lovely person. I will really miss her a lot…

Portuguese Student

The ongoing lessons have helped break up the routine of quarantine and more importantly, a source of learning and personal improvement during these extraordinary times.

Jasmin (Student in Mexico City)

I have to say that Karen has been an amazing teacher. She is very kind and always is searching the way to explain me everything. Always works in her class in advance. Long story short she is great.

Student from Mexico learning English

Gabi was afraid to tackle speaking, until we just starting talking. She has now put out a yoga video with her speaking English. She will teach this class twice a week.

Maggie (Teacher in Atlanta, GA)

Thank You For All Of Everyone’s Help With Fumiya. We Have All Seen Him Grow With The Ability To Communicate On The Daily Tasks. I Will Definitely Keep You On My Contacts In Future Situations Thank You Again Have A Great Day.


I cannot express enough great things about this experience. Jeancois was absolutely fantastic- professional, flexible, and dynamic- qualities I have found that some interpreters don’t always demonstrate when working with the pediatric population.

Bilingual Professor

I have had wonderful interpreters from LTC in the past, who have done a great job providing precise and accurate interpretation. Ms. Li, however, goes far above and beyond what is expected. I’m so very grateful for her exceptional service to both this family and to ZCS.

Director of Student Services

I Hope All Is Well. I Wanted To Follow Up Regarding The Translating Last Weekend. The Gentleman Helping Us Was Fantastic. He Was The Epitome Of Customer Service And Was So Knowledgeable. He Is The Biggest Asset You Have At Your Company.


We meet virtually now. He even gave me a cooking lesson….he tried his best to do it in Japanese but we ended up doing most of it in English ????. While I may have learned less words, I certainly got to learn how to make tempura!!

Patrick (Happy Student in Tokyo)

I would like to commend Catherine Thille for her professionalism. The sessions were always on time and well structured.

French Student

On behalf of Freedom House, I would like to sincerely thank you for you and your team’s services today. Your presence helped us to ensure that the event went smoothly and that all of the attendees were able to participate. Thank you so much!

Freedom House

Thank you so much to all of you for this workshop, I absolutely loved all the information you shared and will definitely continue to address cultural differences in class.

French Instructor

Kazuko Is A Wonderful Teacher And A Super Sweet Person. Thank You For Your Services And Timely Responses In Everything. I Plan To Recommend Ltc To Any And Everyone I Know Interested In Language Learning. Thank You!

J. Brogan

The LTC Is The Best English Training Compared To My Previous Language Training Experience Because They Really Understand What I Needed And The Important And Suitable Materials Useful To Apply At My Work. They Give Me Confident To Speak In English And My Writing Is Improving.

D. Sriyunilawati

I’m so grateful to have you interpreting these important and complex issues for our student!

Current ASL Client

The Classes With Katelyn Are Amazing. I Am Very Happy To Have Her As My Professor. She Is An Amazing Teacher And An Excellent Person. I Am Learning A Lot From Her. She Is Very Patient, Responsible, Punctual, Very Clear, And With Great Experience Teaching. She Is Helping Me A Lot To Improve My English.


I can say only that Ruth is an amazing teacher. I am absolutely satisfied with our classes. Thank you so much for your attention.

Language Training Student

Their phone interpretation service is a very easy and convenient service for us to use when we are seeing patients in the office. Douglas Price is a great person there and is very good at communicating with our practice and helping us with anything we need. Great company!

Practice Manager

Thank you for organizing these workshops for teachers, we learn so much from each other and grow to be better instructors.

Language Training Instructor

I Really Have Appreciated The Classes With Nancy – She Is Wonderful Teacher And I Was Very Motivated To Learn More (And Always Felt Badly When I Struggled Because She Inspires One To Want To Be/Do Better). I Am Very Appreciative Of Having Had This Opportunity To Work With All Of You. It Is One Of The Very Best Language Classes I Have Taken In Years.

A. West

Thank you both very much for all you do. This translation project will go incredibly far in informing many of our Veterans and their families, on the important facts and information surrounding our current pandemic.

EEO Specialist (Equal Employment Opportunity)

I Really Enjoyed My Time With Christine, She Is Amazing, As I Told You She Helped Me A Lot Improving My Conversation Skills. The Classes Were Really Dynamics\ And I Never Felt Like I Was In A Strict Class. I Want To Say Thank You Again And I Hope In The Future To Take The Training Again. I Will Recommend Ltc With My Venezuelan And Latin Friends.

F. Inciarte

When Covid hit we were cautious allowing anyone but the patient in the office and this is a wonderful helping hand in the matter.

Interpreting Location Manager

Thank You So Much, I Really Enjoy My Classes With Joyce I Love Her She Is Very Nice Teacher.

J. Nolaya


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