LTC has a special relationship with school systems and universities in closing language gaps among students, parents, and teachers. We want to ensure everyone, from the preschool parent to the college aged student, experiences zero language barriers when it comes to education. Choose from our language training, translation, and interpretation services the solution that fits your situation. No member of your family or school should struggle with gaps that language services can fill!


From discussing Individualized Education Programs to sessions with the school counselor, professional interpreters ensure that all aspects of the message are being transmitted. The confusion and miscommunication that arise from working with an untrained interpreter could negatively impact education outcomes and scores in your school system. In 2015, over 60 percent of non-native English speaking parents now report that it’s “very difficult or somewhat difficult” to communicate with teachers and administrators. This is up from 45% in 2007! LTC works with school districts to provide interpretation services in over 99+ languages. Whether it’s communication with teachers or school administrators, we can ensure you have a qualified interpreter in your school setting to overcome this critical problem.


Did you know that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing face some of the exact language barriers as non-native English speakers in the classroom? In fact, most Americans don’t realize that American Sign Language (ASL) is just as much a language as Spanish or Chinese, with a wide range of rich linguistic features and cultural nuances. If you have Deaf or Hard of Hearing students in your school system, whether they utilize ASL as a primary language or not, interpreting services can greatly improve communication among parents, students, and teachers, as well as improve outcomes and scores for those same students. LTC provides highly qualified ASL interpreters to work with students in any classroom setting.


Are parents in your schools struggling to understand their own child’s experience? If your school has a dense population of non-native speaking students, the chances are, “yes.” A 2015 report released results showing over 50 percent of non-native English speaking parents “never or only sometimes” receive translated documents from their schools. A further problem is that parents may have services available to them that they are unaware of. From permission slips to course catalogues to testing results, your children’s parents need to understand what your school is communicating. LTC translates documents from English into 99+ languages and ensures that these communication gaps are closed.


Did you know that closing the language gap among your student population can start with educating your teachers on key language and cultural principles? Schools that have large immigrant populations experience both linguistic and cultural barriers, many of which your teachers may never realize exist! LTC provides cultural competence training to bridge this gap. Teachers gain the critical insight into student needs, language acquisition processes, and cultural differences needed to cultivate meaningful learning.