In medical situations, communication done well leads to speedy, effective diagnosis and treatment. But even a single miscommunication can severely impair this process, or worse, perhaps lead to tragic outcomes. We understand the serious nature of physician, nurse, and patient communication and how critical timely and accurate communication is for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. But if the medical team and the patient can’t communicate, medical situations escalate quickly. Select from our highly qualified team of interpreters, translators, and linguists to ensure every communication is timely and accurate.


Did you know that medical errors are cut in half when you work with a qualified healthcare interpreter? Yet, in many healthcare facilities around the country, family members and untrained bilingual staff are called on to serve as interpreters. Despite the fact that laws are shifting across the country to require that medical providers make their services available to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients, as well as the Deaf community, a gap still exists in small and medium sized practices, clinics, and hospitals. When every minute counts, and in an environment where providers are moving to patient-focused care, working with qualified interpreters not only saves time, but delivers improved outcomes for the patient. LTC has a staff member available 24/7 to take your request for an on-site interpreter.


Your hospital or practitioner’s office doesn’t have to have an on-site interpreter constantly available. Did you know that LTC provides on-demand interpretation service for small to mid-sized practices and clinics, as well as for hospitals and other healthcare groups in rural areas? When you need to access an interpreter within minutes, LTC’s over-the-phone interpretation service is often the best fit. Our on-demand service is a pay-by-use service, and an interpreter is available within minutes of your request.

Medical providers of all sizes utilize both phone and video interpretation services as they schedule appointments, answer outpatient questions, or provide patient instructions. Providers utilize our video interpretation services for American Sign Language and other situations where a visual connection is critical. From wellness check-ups to extensive surgeries, our highly-qualified interpreters ensure all messages between the medical team and the patient are communicated.


From patient education materials to electronic and paper-based patient consent forms, many hospitals and clinics provide translated documents to patients. Did you know, however, that having these administrative documents, insurance forms, and other standard forms translated only into commonly spoken languages such as Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin is not enough? We can provide translations of any document you need into 99+ languages.

What’s more, LTC translators are able to provide industry-specific translations and ensure your patients understand what they’re filling out or what their next step is. This translates into increased patient compliance and improved outcomes for you as a provider. Whether your healthcare facility is set up to receive translations electronically, or you require an on-site translator, LTC ensures you receive quality translations every time.