Language skills are a must for professional athletes and sports organizations. What’s more, they are becoming increasingly more important as American leagues bring more and more players into the US. LTC specializes in bridging the communication gap in sports settings. Whether your athletes want to integrate with their teammates more easily or focus on building a worldwide following, LTC can craft the right program for your athlete or team. Select from LTC’s language training, interpretation, and translation services to hit the ball out of the park every time.


Athletes are coming to the United States from Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa with little to no experience speaking English.  While in many cases they bring unparalleled athleticism, their limitation in English can actually get in the way of both their and your team’s success. Language training will provide your athletes with the tools they need in order to communicate with teammates socially and professionally.


Language training may not be a possibility or a preference for your athlete. Or you may simply not have the time or budget for a longer term language program. Our escort interpretation service matches our LTC interpreter with your individual athlete or group and provides the personal service of a close, trusted relationship. Our LTC interpreters not only interpret in day-to-day interactions with teammates and coaches, but are also equipped to interpret with journalists and team or league officials, if needed.


An important meeting with a compliance officer is nerve-racking in any language. That anxiety is compounded when that meeting is in a language for which your athlete is not proficient. If your athlete doesn’t speak English or lacks confidence in English-only settings, a situation like this could put his or her career at stake. LTC also provides interpreters for these delicate situations, and commonly translates compliance documents for regulators and athletes alike.