Language is just one part of communication, but it’s far from the whole story! LTC offers cultural training for families, groups, and individuals. These programs are designed to show you how to cultivate meaningful relationships wherever you are, traveling or relocating. How do we do this?

Cultural competence begins with learning how specific cultural values affect day-to-day life and business. This starts with understanding how your own culture impacts you and then learning how that impacts your worldview. Through cultural competence training, we show you how to identify your own cultural values and those of the primary culture where you plan to visit or relocate.  Through this process, you gain the confidence to make the relationships you need, and to keep them by avoiding key faux pas!

All training sessions are based on your needs and interests.


If you, a colleague, or your business or organization have cultural competence learning needs, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. If you are interested in more information and pricing, click here to get started.


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All positive interactions. LTC has been great! Trustworthy, on-time, reliable, kind, funny and interested in what they provide. Surprisingly, they have material each week that is relevant … they must pay close attention.