LTC offers cultural competence training designed for business professionals to improve their communication in global business interactions.

Even something as simple as a hand gesture can quickly get you in trouble! Equip your team knowledge necessary to avoid these social blunders. Our trainings can help increase your staff members’ cultural quotient through meaningful dialogue and engaging simulations.

These trainings will help your employees unpack their questions about international business communication, body language, and the unwritten rules that can often cause culturally-related miscommunication with global business associates.

LTC’s interactive and fast-paced cross cultural training is designed to train leaders and professionals how to cultivate meaningful business and social relationships in a global context. We walk through specific cultural values and communication styles that will impact your employees’ day-to-day lives and business. We even tailor cultural competence trainings to each team’s background, needs, and company culture.


LTC has conducted hundreds of cultural competence courses. Not only will you be partnered with a program coordinator that will work with you to develop a customized and quality program, but you will be matched with an instructor who can bring specific knowledge and experience in your area of need to your training!


Our program coordinators will work with your team to customize every aspect of our training to meet your unique needs. From the culture(s) of focus to the topics covered, no one training program is alike. Our trainings can focus on anything from general cultural competence strategies to a focused analysis of a single target culture. Topics covered can include anything from the target culture’s economy and religion to regional differences, language use, and social etiquette. This tailored approach ensures your team can spend their time gaining the knowledge they need most– your needs.


Whether you are seeking personal training in a one-on-one environment or require training in a group setting, LTC can help! We offer many different structure options for your training, including group, individual, or family, in any length necessary to cover the needed information. We offer 2, 4, 8, or 16 hour blocks and can extend the training over multiple days. Our program coordinators can work with you to determine what structure would best meet your expectations!

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