Our interactive teaching methodologies, coupled with curriculum tailored to fit your individual needs, will guide you to success in language learning. We focus on the process of language development and provide continual feedback at your pace to drive your success.



Our language instruction is characterized by a dynamic, energetic style and meaningful application to your emerging needs. LTC instructors bring articles, videos, maps, recipes and countless other context-rich materials into each class to meet your language needs and goals. These authentic materials drive purposeful learning to ensure that your specific goals are achieved.


Our program sets this language learning environment for you, and gives you the tools you need to begin both speaking and understanding your language of study on day one. We achieve this through immersing you in the language. Your instructor will enable you to speak and use your language in every class.


We don’t want you to just learn about the target language but to know how to use it. This happens through exploring and discovering how language works. How does this happen? Your instructor works from your specific questions and interests to create effective, meaningful tasks that open your eyes to the “rules” of language. Not only do you gain the linguistic skills you need to communicate, but you also learn strategies that help you continue learning beyond the classroom.


Tailored training is key to language success in a new environment, which is why we absolutely take your needs, goals, and learning styles and craft a customized program to match these. We then carefully select an instructor who can meet your needs. Your instructor, as a highly trained language professional, will further craft his or her teaching style to best fit your language program.


We know that successful language learning stems from high-quality programs, which is why we utilize experienced, degreed program coordinators to organize all aspects of the process from start to finish. Our program coordinators ensure high quality programs by overseeing everything from managing the instructors to tracking progress and providing detailed reports to communicating with representatives of your company, academic center, or government entity.


Our instructors love language learning and education and are experienced and trained in our methodology. Their backgrounds are vast, ranging from linguistics to specific languages to education, among other areas of expertise. Instructors at minimum hold Bachelor’s degrees, though many hold advanced degrees.

Each instructor is carefully selected to work with you. Your instructor is selected by a program manager to guide you to achieve your language goals. Your instructors will also report progress, success, and emerging needs to program managers, who will then organize that information and relay it to you as well as any other representative who needs it.


LTC works around the clock to ensure your program runs smoothly. Our language training department is staffed by a team of full time staff. These include the language training director, training coordinators, program coordinators, and curriculum managers.

  • Our Language Training Director oversees the department, works directly with clients, and trains language coordinators, program managers, and curriculum managers.
  • LTC training coordinators ensure students are matched to the right instructor and that students and teachers have everything they need for their programs.
  • Our curriculum managers carefully select and create materials for both individual student programs and group courses.
  • Our program coordinators ensure your program is satisfactory and will work with other members of the team to ensure feedback reaches the right person, information is appropriately recorded and high quality is achieved across each program.

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