As manufacturing in the United States continues to grow and the profile of the nation’s workforce continues to become more diverse, foreign companies and U.S. companies alike are faced with a need to reach their native and non-native speaking populations if they want to continue opening new factories. Ensure your manufacturing business’s productivity and success by making language programs among your non-native speakers a key component of your training. Not only do language services like language training and interpretation bridge key communication gaps, but they also reduce misunderstandings, injuries, workflow interruptions and more. Choose from our language service options to make language-based misunderstandings a thing of the past.


Manufacturing companies looking to boost profit and productivity are increasingly turning to language training. Do you know why? U.S. corporations lose billions annually in lost productivity as a result of communication barriers among their foreign-born workers with limited English speaking skills. What’s more, the lack of a common language at work contributes to frustration, tension, misunderstandings about work and safety risks. Economists have shown us that across industries, language training (or the lack thereof) is one of the key differentiators in manufacturing companies when it comes to their success. LTC understands the impact of language specific training for executives and site operators. With 20 plus years of experience providing English and Japanese language training across thousands of companies (among them over 50 Japanese manufacturing facilities) in the Midwest and throughout the U.S., we can equip your teams with the language skills needed to serve your clients, both internal and external.


If members of your staff in your factories aren’t fluent in English yet, you’re not alone. A large segment of U.S. manufacturing companies are staffed by immigrants and new Americans who have not yet perfected their speaking skills. Some of your employees may feel more comfortable speaking their home language. Still others who frequent your site, including visitors, executives and trainers, may use a primary language other than English. Are you able to ensure their experience is top notch? Investing in an experienced interpreter will pay off for important HR meetings like benefits enrollment, interviews, insurance updates, guidance on time off, and more.


Whether it’s your company’s website, pamphlets, brochures for an individual facility or sales materials that your whole sales team will use, any written material that leaves your company should undergo the translation question. If this document will be in front of someone for whom English is not their first language, then translation is the right option. Our translation services will enable you to clearly communicate with local and international businesses. They will facilitate your operations abroad and at home, and they will absolutely boost your sales prospects worldwide. Because our translators are industry-trained, you won’t have to worry about our ability to translate industry-specific jargon or provide labor-intense revisions to ensure the final product matches the original document.