The hospitality and tourism industry brings together people from all over the world and all different walks of life. In the 21st century, whether you work for a cruise line, a theme park, or a hotel off a major interstate, communication issues may spring up when people from different backgrounds and cultures meet. Choose from a full menu of language services, including language training, interpretation, translation, and cultural competence training, and turn more hellos into conversations and lasting business relationships.


Hospitality starts with a hello all over the world, but can you greet those who walk into your place of business in their language? Can you provide the linguistic support your non-native English speaking employees need when it comes to key conversations among each other and their supervisors? LTC language training is business-focused and industry-specific. From CEO-level training to group conversation courses, we ensure the talent in your business can hold the conversations they need to serve your clients, to maintain efficiency, and in turn, to boost your profit. We ensure that no matter your competence level, you gain additional confidence and skill in speaking with guests and any team members in your language(s) of study.


Lost in translation is more than a movie. It’s a scenario happening across countless businesses in the hospitality industry simply because decision makers are unaware of the breakdown in spoken communication among their diverse populations. Reduce your spoken communication problems between guests, employees, and international partners with LTC interpretation services. We provide highly qualified interpreters to assist in the onboarding process for new hires, scheduling, and training, as well as to assist with guest services and customer satisfaction. We also provide on-demand phone and video interpretation services to facilitate Human Resources and corrective action meetings that may be needed periodically.


Event interpreting needs go beyond just foreign language services – the Deaf and Hard of Hearing should also be supported. Did you know that your business rating and customer satisfaction may be negatively impacted if you are not providing language support for your Deaf and Hard of Hearing community? Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities spread the word about hotels, parks, and recreation choices. Make sure your business is at the top of their event list by ensuring your staff is on the same page when it comes to ASL-specific medical, legal, or academic language needs.


Are you aware of the numerous language-specific roadblocks that exist in the onboarding process for your non-native English speaking employees? When hiring people who aren’t proficient in English, are you prepared to ensure they can be successful? From employee handbooks to procedure lists to benefits information, you are responsible for ensuring nothing gets lost in the process. A proper and accurate translation of any critical document into Spanish or Chinese, for example, will ensure that your new employee or staff member will transition into their new job more easily and will be more likely to stay in the position. We provide translation for all HR documents, certifications and other legal pieces, as well as subtitling for any onboarding videos your facility may require.