LTC offers a variety of different options for cultural competence training and will tailor your training to the specific culture where you plan to visit or relocate. We also consider what depth of knowledge you need in designing our training. Private and group cultural competence training options are available. We’ll work together to determine the course that best fits your needs.


When relocating to a foreign country, even familiar tasks become overwhelming. You may feel your world has turned upside down! We have an abundance of experience helping expatriates deal with a new culture, culture shock, and associated language barriers. How do we do this?

Our repatriation programs (we have both adult and children programs) point to the clear differences between how you may be used to interacting with others and interacting with individuals in your new culture. We customize your program to your work situation, daily life, and family needs. We also focus on the acclimation process by helping you successfully accept and respond to your new culture and cope with the most challenging parts of relocation.


LTC’s cultural competence trainings allow our corporate clients to participate with confidence in the global business arena. Whether as part of a comprehensive language and cultural training program or an independent method to improve your team’s cultural quotient and drive business results, our trainings provide you with the skills necessary to stay relevant in an increasingly globalizing world.

Our program coordinators can help you craft a customized training that meets the exact needs of your business, allowing you to spend your valuable time gaining the knowledge necessary to meet your goals. Partner with LTC to grow your global impact through quality and individualized cultural competence training.


Our trainers have conducted hundreds of intercultural competency trainings for government agencies. These trainings have ranged from one-on-one in-depth analyses of a target culture to on-location group classes covering various regions.

Our program coordinators are happy to help you build a program that best fits the needs of your agency. With over a decade of experience providing quality, timely and compliant training programs on both federal and state levels, LTC can enable your team with the knowledge they need to perform their duties with confidence.


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